Friday, September 3, 2010

korean air

So while searching for flights to Japan, the cheapest route that I found went to the airport in Nagoya via Seoul, South Korea. Why such a detour is cheaper than direct flights I don't know, but anyways that's what I decided to do. Had to go on Korean Air, and compared to all my past flight experiences, this was probably one of the best :]

For one, even though I got the window seat, the seats were spread out enough so that I could get to and from my seat into the walkway without the person sitting next to me having to get out. Also, when you recline the chair, the seat underneath you moves forward, so you don't disturb the person in back. Also, the tables are made so that there's a cupholder in back so you don't need to put the whole table down in order to store your drink, and you can fold it halfway for when you need to get up :] very clever engineering :] Not to mention, there were quite a lot of attractive flight attendants, all Korean, of course :P Apparently they must know Korean, Japanese, and English in order to work for the airlines, and when they spoke to me, they ended up using Japanese, which made me feel good :P infiltration!!!

One of the things I liked the best about the flight was the food. When it came time to eat they had an option of either western-style beef, or bibimbap, and wanting to get the full korean experience, I decided to go with the bibimbap :P It was pretty damn good for airline food. Unfortunately, when I stood up to go use the restroom and came back to my seat, they took it away already, only when I was halfway-finished, and for a little while after that I felt a profound sense of loss and disappointment, yes the food was that good, and they took it away from me (>_<)

But there was enough distractions on the plane to distract me from my temporary loss. In back of the chairs are touchscreen panel things where you can access all sorts of music and videos and games and whatnot, and I spent a good amount of time sampling the kpop :] I think I ended up listening to the entire catalog of Girl's Generation :P Their style of music differs so much, they must have been written by other people >_> Also ended up watching two movies, one was called "Wedding Dress", which had absolutely nothing to do with that song by Taeyang, which was about this single mother who makes wedding dresses and her daughter, and the mom is dying of cancer but nobody knows till the second half of the movie, and it drags on until she dies in the end. Despite the cliche storyline, it made me tear up a couple times...which is odd, since I'm usually emotionless as a rock 3:[ Also ended up watching this movie about this korean guy and this chinese girl who were apparently friends in college who can only talk to each other in english, and the meet again one day in china when he's on a business trip, they talk, get to know each other better, ancient feelings arise, conflict, resolution, he has to go, it was well...a very korean movie. despite them talking in broken english for most of the time :P

Anyways, aside from the early departure of my meal, I'd say this was a pretty good flight :] can't wait to go on it again! Well, actually no, let's hope this year doesn't go by too fast.

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